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Butler Pelvin & Associates has a track record providing the following services. 

Governance Support​

Good governance is the cornerstone of successful membership organisations.  We use a variety of tools to provide committee members with an opportunity to critically assess their individual and overall performance. The assessment process provides a basis for board education and planning and is the first step toward optimal board performance.

  • Board Assistance 

  • Board Assessment

  • Board orientation and training

  • Provide template agenda and briefing notes for board meetings

  • Constitution, Rules and Bylaws reviews

Strategy & Policy

Strategic planning is a governance activity that is used to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that committee members, employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals.  We can facilitate the strategic planning process and establish an agreement on the key strategic outcomes and results to be achieved.

  • Strategic planning facilitation

  • Preparation of strategic and business plans including timelines and milestones

  • Implementation of reporting templates for strategy

  • Advice and updating of constitution, bylaws, policies and procedures

  • Development of policy documents

Communication & Public Relations

Following the development of the strategic plan, a communication plan is an essential tool, it is the roadmap for getting your messages delivered to your intended audiences. The plan ensures your association sends clear, specific messages with measurable results.  We are able to prepare and implement your plan through a variety of media.

  • ​​Brand development and management

  • Social media strategies and maintenance

  • Engage with members, enable communications between membership and board.

  • Creation and distribution of newsletters (electronic and /or print) to members and stakeholders

  • Communication: Act as a liaison between the editors and the copy editors, typesetters, printers and mailing houses to ensure the orderly and timely and economical production of publications.

  • Member communication on key issues.  Prepare and distribute newsletters electronically and post to the website.

  • Facebook, Twitter, and blog communication strategy.  The intent, purpose and management of content, input, and moderation of these social media

Government and Public Relations

The aim of government and public relations is to inform the public, prospective members, organisational partners, politicians, employees, and other stakeholders and ultimately persuade them to maintain a positive or favourable view about the associations policies, its leadership and its members.  We have the capacity to manage this process and drive the strategic initiatives of the association.

Government relations

  • Monitoring legislation, developing strategy and policy positions

  • Manage issues and drive initiatives 

  • Support media communications accurately reflecting the association

  • Briefings for Ministers and Ministry personnel

Public and media relations

  • Engagement with the wider community on relevant issues

  • Crisis management

Website and IT

The purpose of your website is to convey specific, helpful information to a variety of audiences so that the reader learns something or understands your associations purpose better. People on the web tend to want information quickly, so it is important to communicate clearly, and make your information easy to read and digest.  We are able to manage the design and implementation of website that achieves your desired results.

  • Develop content for the website

  • Maintain content for the website - regular updates

  • Maintain banner with targeted current info from collated news and stakeholder feeds

Membership Support Services 

Creating a database is only the first step.  Good associations gather information, analyse it, and then use it to become better.  We have years of experience developing data driven strategies that build successful associations.

Database Management

  • Membership directory: Maintain the membership directory database on the website

  • Maintain database for all members, process payments, respond to inquiries, send information to new members

  • Maintain billing system for seamless renewal, connecting with database records, providing instant receipts and membership certificates

  • Maintain a single comprehensive database for all members, update the database, process payments, respond to inquiries, send information to new members.  Invoice members for annual renewals.

  • Maintain an online membership application process

  • Develop an online meeting and conference registration process

  • Maintain meeting and conference registration process

  • Identify and improve E-business solutions

  • Undertake regular reporting and integration of demographic and membership information – used to inform member services and marketing

Member Benefits

  • Consideration and development of member benefits and services

  • Preparation and implementation of member development strategies


  • Coordinate activities of committee meetings.  Prepare agenda, participate in the meeting and provide advice and information. Arrange venue, arrange for food and beverage. Take minutes. Follow up action items.

Certification and Accrediation 

The purpose of most certification and accreditation programs is to elevate the credibility and professionalism of the members of your association. This is done by developing and promulgating standards and to elevate the quality of activities of certified members. In associations where the safety and protection of the members and the public is involved, certification and accreditation are a form of self-regulation, an active strategy to enhance the credibility and prestige of the association and its members, ensuring recognition of expertise and improving the ability of the association to increase influence on society and influencing government political regulation.  

  • Educational publications

  • Best practice guidelines

  • Standards

  • Development and implementation of certification and accreditation programs

  • Management of 3rd party audit program

  • Marketing of accredited and /or certified members

Conference and Event Management

All membership organisations manage events and conferences, it is the cornerstone of member services.  We can help with the delivery of all aspects of event and conference management.  By unbundling the components involved, from initial brainstorming to post-event analysis. Our innovative approach enables you to cherry-pick and match our services to your budget.  We enjoy helping you work out just how we can best dovetail into supporting your resources.

Total event management, planning and delivery, including:

  • Site Selection

  • Contract Negotiation

  • Develop Conference/Meeting Timetable

  • Onsite Staff

  • Marketing and Promotion

  • Registration Processing

  • VIP Management

  • Food & Beverage Selection

  • Exhibits Management

  • Conference Development

  • Data Entry

  • Enter and format data for speakers

  • Budget Management and financial reporting

  • Event evaluation and reporting

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